About Us

What's up ??? Besides Us ....


b a e b e is a break out athleticwear / streetwear brand created, by fashion company, My Ferocity (2012). b a e b e feature high quality, exclusive athletic/ street wear with the hottest colorways, tracksuits, swimwear etc for the fly girls.

Our online virtual shopping experience consists of dope YouTube playlists to reflect the VIBES of our collections, blogs with life advice for your b a e b e steps that include: beauty, fashion, music, How tos, & all the good feels !!! Who else you know looking out for your VIBES x ENERGY like that???!!

We are a growing business and we look forward to bettering our services and offering more energy. We appreciate the support and your patience as we navigate through developing our brand.



You know the saying "sugar, spice, and everything nice",  well we keep it SHEER X SAVAGE over here !!! 

At b a e b e we believe in embracing our SHEER softer sides in the name of self care but we also believe in those SAVAGE turn up moments where we feel fly , strong, & confident ....... yeah you guessed it, in the name of self care. 

Our mission is to promote movement, art, love, self care, & building healthy vibrations that get you on a nice wave so that every day is a good day, ya know???!! As we grow. so does our mission so it's a V I B E. 

b a e b e stands for (b)efore (a)nything (e)lse (be).... be yourself, be fun, be confident, be optimistic, be colorful, be wavy, be the party, be the ENERGY, be the VIBE. It's a mental thing, ya know??!! Chill & protect your energy.

Creating harmony through movement x wavy music x colors x everything fly because when we feel fly, it hits different.......

We keep you celebrating like its your birthday because, duhhhh, who wants to feel like shxt on their birthday!!!!!!!????? We'll wait...




Welcome to the b a e b e crib. At the b a e b e crib we do most of our Youtubes and host our podcast, b a e b e Block Party , where we interview guest on funny but challenging experiences that shaped their growth, ya know , laughter is great for healing. Oh & we party !!! Like it's our birthday!!! EVERYDAY !!!

The b a e b e crib is such an inviting place so it's where we do business, in the heart of Los Angeles, CA. We strive for greatness by investing in the quality of our products and the integrity of our business. 

We partner with a variety of small factories to make our products available across the world and ensure they meet our requirements ethically and our safety guidlines. It consists of custom products and ready made items as a result packages are sent from different locations where our inventory and machinery live.